Collection of national keyboard layouts

Here is a collection of national keyboard layouts.

Disclaimer: The keyboards shown here are for information only, and there is no guarantee that they have any juridical value with respect to official keyboard standards.

NameDescriptionStandard conformanceDate collectedComments
ca-1Layout for CanadaCAN/CSA Z243.200-922006-09-05 
de-1Common layout for GermanyDIN 21372006-09-02 
dk-1Common layout for DenmarkUnknown2006-09-01 
jp-1Layout 1 for JapanUnknown2007-02-21 
kr-jp-1Layout for Korea and JapanUnknown2007-02-21 
kr-1Layout for KoreaUnknown2006-09-06 
Dzongkha-Keyboard-2009-1.pdfLayout for DzongkhaUnknown2014-11-06Via Andy Heath
The collection is made by Keld Simonsen after a request by SC 35.